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Christmas gifts: The ultimate guide to every woman's favorite accessory: Bags!

handbags hanging in sunlight

The Christmas gifts under the tree are slowly filling up. Glorious boxes full of love. Will she like what you got her? This year we celebrate with the most colorful collection! Shop gifts for the women in your life and don't forget the most important one - You! ❤️

What's better than receiving the perfect gift; To give the perfect gift! The one that once the box is opened, the face will light up and exclaim: How did you know?!

But the market is large, chaotic and very often to just get it over with you just buy the first thing you see: The easy and often trivial. Not this year!

Here we come with our guide and like another Santa we have prepared a gift shopping guide that has it all.

1. The traveler

woman holding a weekend bag

She is always going places. She never rests. Her dream is to travel the world. In her few free moments she envisions her next trip. Show your support for her travelling dreams with a weekend bag that makes amazing use of space and is designed to fit into the airplane cabin. Also, our wonderful beauty bags that can be worn all year round and turn into a shoulder bag with an impressive snake chain.

2. The fashionista

woman holding a handbag in sunlight

Well dressed and impressive even when wearing overalls. She has her way of combining everything with style, she doesn't copy trends, she is the trend. Full of confidence and always sure of her choices. If you are lucky enough to have such a woman in your life then choose a gift that will impress her. Our suggestions are three: Mona Chess or Mona Red, Kamel or one of the mini purses made of vintage unique fabrics that you will find here.

3. The practical

woman looking at the sunset holding a bag

She likes order and simplicity. She wants things around her to be organized and easy. You will never find discarded items in her bag. She always knows how to calculate her moves and often others leave everything to her because she does it better and can accomplish anything! For such a woman, the best gift option are Naji Blue and Naji Pink . Also our little wrist bags will help her keep everything inside in her bag neatly.

4. The always elegant

studio model holding a backpack

For the one who loves to take care of herself, who you will never see walking around "semi-prepared". Everyone wants to be like her, but her temperament is unique. She emphasizes even the smallest detail and she loves accessories the most. We recommend one of the tres chic backpacks that turn into a shoulder bag with ease.

5. The forever young

happy woman jumping with a bag by the sunset

Four favorite words? "Let's go for drinks!" Spirit free and tireless. This girlfriend keeps us alive and active even in our dullest moments. The party animal woman in your life will go crazy with joy if you choose the kokoko bag or Phoenix / Andromeda.

6. The daydreamer

woman with ponytail posing with a handbag

This gentle soul that always inspires us with her positive aura. Inside her bag you will find books, theater tickets, a nice little stone she found on the beach. If you gift her Persa, Marina in Leopard or Marina in pink stripes you will amaze her! Also a very good choice is Perla in pink and Perla in blue .

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